Aristo-Craft 28063 1.8 Amp Power Pack w/ Pwc

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Aristo-Craft 28063 1.8 Amp Power Pack w/ Pwc
HO Modern / Transformers / Aristo-Craft
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The Aristo-Craft 28063 1.8 Amp Power Pack. The voltage is AC 120V and 60 Hz, with a total output of 22 VA Max.

Yes, our power supplies can be used with any D.C. train product, with one exception, Lionel's Large Scale trains whose sound uses an incompatible circuit with ours, causing our packs to overload. Both the Aristo-Craft Trains ART-5450 3.5 amp or ART-5400 1.8 amp power supply does not use any A.C. voltage in the circuitry, so there is no harm to any size D.C. motor.2. What is Pulse Width Control (P.W.C.) and what are its benefits?

A. Pulse Width Control allows double features by separating the control of the train from the voltage. A high D.C. voltage is kept on the track always, and the speed of the train is regulated by a signal message sent along the track to the train's motor. This is very similar to the way speed controls work in Radio-Control model cars.

B. The higher D.C. voltage means the constant lighting (not to be confused with constant brightness), smoke, and electronic sound features work much better, even when the locomotive, tender, lighted passenger car, or lighted caboose is at a full stop.

C. The Aristo-Craft Trains P.W.C. power supply provides better results on track that is not perfectly clean.

D. The Aristo-Craft Trains power supply provides a realistic momentum start and stop without the use of A.C. voltage pulses that are harmful to D.C. motors. TThe momentary delay before the train begins moving after the throttle setting is increased, and a delay in stopping as well.

E. The Aristo-Craft Trains power supply provides longer running distances on large garden layouts (up to 300 ft. is normal using Aristo-Craft Trains brass track - without any special wiring). These increased running distances are a result of the constant high P.W.C. voltage on the track

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