My Collection - Model Train Collection Management


If you're looking for the absolute best model train collection management system in the universe, then you're in the right place. Welcome to My Collection by Trainz, the ultimate train inventory. Our tools make collecting easier, faster, worry-free, and more fun. Keep reading to see what My Collection is all about, why you should use it, and how to use it.



Understanding The Basics

It's really quite simple: we think we have the easiest-to-use train collection inventory system in the world. It's all available right here on a single website. You don't need to download any software, and we do almost all of the work for you! Here are the basic components of managing your trains with My Collection. 

Now that you know how our simple process works, let's talk about the advantages of the My Collection system. 




The Advantages of My Collection

Many railroaders and collectors wonder what the best model train inventory and collection management software solution is, and we're confident that it's our system. Here are a few reasons we're so sure.

  • It's free.

  • We already provide the product information and photos for more than 160,000 trains in our Catalog, saving you time and energy.

  • Our website is simple to use, just click on buttons or type in text fields. There's no complicated computer mumbo-jumbo.

  • Your collection is safe from failed computers and lost data. We keep multiple backups of everything!

  • Your model train collection can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

  • You can import your collection using our simple import tool.

  • We provide loads of useful information on trains in our Catalog, but also let you upload your own personal photos and custom notes for your items.

  • If any of your trains are missing from our Catalog, you can add trains to our system yourself, to both complete your collection and assist the hobby at large.

  • You can also manage a Wanted List to track items you'd like to have in your collection.

  • Purchases on the Trainz Auctions marketplace are synced to your collection automatically, making it even easier to keep your records up-to-date.

  • We're one of the most recognized and reliable names in the model train industry, with decades of experience. Your information is safe and secure.

The best part of all is that we're a thriving business that's constantly improving. My Collection is going to keep getting better, with new and improved features, active bug fixes, and an ever-expanding database of model trains.



Get Started Today - Quick and Easy

It will take less than 5 minutes to start building your collection right now. You won't need to download software and set it up. You won't need to complete a checkout process. You won't have to troubleshoot or try to figure everything out. Instead, you can jump right in using the steps below to try it out, totally free.

Step 1 - Register for a Free Account

Click the following "Register" button, then fill in a basic form to create a username, password, and email address. We'll then send you a confirmation email. Just click the activation link in that email, and you're good to go!


Step 2 - Find your Trains in the Catalog

Click the following "Visit the Catalog" button to start browsing our Catalog. It's the world's biggest online database of model train photos and information. Once in the Catalog, you should find the trains you own by navigating our convenient categorization system, or simply searching for them by manufacturer and model number. Once you find a train you own, you can click the "have it" button to add it to My Collection.


Step 3 - Manage Your Trains in My Collection

Click the following "Manage Collection" button to visit your personal collection. One you're on the My Collection page, you can view your Collection Summary and Showcase. Under Collection Summary, clicking a row in the table like "Items" will take you to the corresponding area of your collection, allowing you to view your trains in detail. From there, you can click into individual trains to upload photos, update notes fields, or simply browse your collection.


Step 4 - Enjoy Your Collection

Once you've learned how to add and edit items in My Collection, you can start to enjoy the benefits of having your collection safely and securely tracked. Browse through your trains. Show them off with your own Collection Showcase. Look up values with a Gold Membership. Send an inventory to your insurance agent. View other people's collections right here on the site. There's a world of fun when you manage your trains with My Collection.





If you have any additional questions, or need assistance, please contact us.