Crazy Trains: The Grocery Line

March 16th 2016

The world is full of amazing trains, and some are so absurd, wonderful, and special that they deserve a closer look. That's why we've started this brand new article series called "Crazy Trains," in which we'll be spotlighting some of the world's most interesting trains. Up first is a train in Thailand that takes the meaning of dining car to a whole new level!

In the video below you'll see the Maeklong Railway and its ridiculously up-close-and-personal trip through a local market. 

I can't believe how close the food comes to the rails, but I sure wouldn't mind getting this good of a look at a train everyday at work! The video's description captures the scene in whimsical detail below.


Eight times a day, the shopkeepers have to interrupt their business, quickly pull down the roofs of their shops, drag their goods inside, then stand against their shop fronts breathing in -- to let a train go through. That's right, a train. A big, steel, commuter train travelling quite fast, straight through the middle of the mall.

Welcome to the Mae Klong railway market in small town Thailand. The market right in the centre of town, the last 100 metres before the station. It's quite surreal in a temporary sort of way, like a movie set. The only place to walk is in the centre of the rather narrow railway tracks. Small stalls line both sides, every available bit of real estate is used, low plastic trays of vegetables and vibrant Thai fruit including rambutans and mangosteens, are stacked right up to the steel rails. What happens when the train comes through?


That's definitely one of the craziest trains I've ever seen!

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