Tour of the Trainz Service Center

March 1st 2015

DASH seller Trainz has recently launched their new National Model Train Service Center, which provides railroaders with a faster alternative to getting their trains serviced and repaired. We've got some great photos of their service center in action to show you some of the cool stuff they're doing for railroaders. 

At the Trainz service center, beautiful old locomotives like this one come through the door every single day. 


Here you can see an expert technician inspecting the latest train. 


And here's the sharp engine after it's been serviced into tip-top shape!


You can see how much action this workbench has seen from the scuffs and scars on the Lionel Authorized Service Station logos. 


If you're wondering how many parts the service center has, just look at this huge wall of seemingly-endless parts! 


And it's not just one wall. Look at these huge cabinets of even more parts!


Look at all the tools and technology that goes into servicing a single train. 


It looks like this stunning locomotive is smoking once again! Another job well done. 


It doesn't take long inside the National Model Train Service Center at Trainz to see all the great work they're doing with people's beloved collectibles. You can read more about the service center at or schedule an appointment for any members of your fleet that need a touch up or full-service repair. 

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