Top 5 Fictional Model Railroaders on TV

July 9th 2015

We already took a look at the biggest celebrities in the world of model railroading, but there are also a few fictional characters on television which have expressed their enthusiasm for the tracks too.

There's nothing like finding out someone else enjoys your passion for trains, and it's even better when that person is one of your favorite fictional characters. That's why I've identified five of the most recognizable characters from television that share a passion for railroading. There are probably lots more I've missed, but these are the most substantial.   

5. Wallace and Gromit

The treasured clay characters are apparently model railroaders too, if their appearance in The Wrong Trousers is any indication. The pair has a track running through their entire home, and the set is powerful enough to bear the weight of a dog and penguin while traveling incredibly fast. If you watch the video below, you'll also note that Gromit is really good at laying track. That's the tried and true measure of any railroader.

We could stand to see more scenes like this one in cartoon and animated films to reinforce the love of trains with the younger generations. Keep at it, Wallace and Gromit!

4. Reverend Lovejoy

This troubled character from The Simpsons often showed that his model train layout was his only solace in a life full of demands. The Simpsons mocks just about everything, but the true nature of model trains still managed to shine through thanks to Reverend Lovejoy (despite the harrowing crash pictured above). This is a character many modelers can probably relate to in some way.  

3. Gomez Addams 

He might've had a flair for the destruvtive side of model railroading, but Gomez Addams of The Addams Family fame was always tinkering with his O Scale layout of doom. It's almost painful to see such a great setup in flames, but the character's love-hate relationship with trains was an early example of the hobby in the hands of a famous fictional character on television. 

2. Dr. Jeffrey Geiger

Jeffrey Geiger from the medical drama Chicago Hope might not be a household name, but the character did express a love for model railroading in the show. What makes this even more substantial is that Dr. Geiger is played by real life model railroad enthusiast Mandy Patinkin. It seems the actor brought a little of his hobby to the show, and gave us all a wonderful excuse to see trains on TV! 

1. Sheldon Cooper

The socially-challenged genius from The Big Bang Theory might is a polarizing figure in the world of model train fans thanks to the show's mocking look at the character. But his devotion and absolute giddiness surrounding the hobby (and his Bachman Rail King set, apparently) shows what a true love of trains really looks like, even if it's through the lens of an obsessed geek that other characters look down on.  

Model trains don't often show up in the hands of the fictional characters we love, but it's usually a joy to behold when they do. The above cast of characters might not be the most lovable or respected in their respective fictional worlds, but they love their trains, and that counts for something. 

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