Top 5 Celebrity Model Railroaders

May 18th 2013

There aren't many hobbies which draw the love and attention of celebrities, but model railroading is one of the few that's able to attract a lot of famous folks from Hollywood and beyond.

If you're wondering which celebrities share your hobby, you're in luck! I've identified 5 of the biggest and most dedicated model railroaders below, and you'll be happy to know they share your intense passion for trains. There are tons of celebrities which didn't make my list, but these are the most recognizable and significant in the hobby.   

5. Frank Sinatra

The Chairman of the Board took his trains so seriously that they had their own building at his Rancho Mirage, California home. The collection is reportedly worth more than a million dollars and still resides (and runs) to this day. It's clear that his ol' blue eyes were focused on model railroading for much of his life. 

4. Johnny Cash 

The Man in Black showed his support for model railroading by making commercials and endorsing Lionel through the 1970s. There's something about seeing the serious and stern Cash holding a model train set that just makes you smile. 

3. Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman's model train collection unfortunately received most of its time in the spotlight thanks to a controversy surrounding its ownership after his untimely death. But the actor's layout was featured in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine some years earlier, and he'll always be remembered as an open and supportive enthusiast.


2. Neil Young

When someone is a part owner of the world's biggest toy train manufacturer, it's not hard to imagine how much they enjoy the hobby. Neil Young is part owner of Lionel and still actively collects and runs his own trains. Even throughout his years as a troubador, Young was able to maintain an active interest in the hobby and has remained an advocate for decades.  

1. Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart's legend among model railroaders might be even bigger than his presence as a rock star! His unbelievable layouts twice-featured in Model Railroader magazine left many enthusiasts in awe. As much energy and passion as he put into his music, it's clear he put equal amount into his Three Rivers City model railway.


These fine fellows are far from the only model railroad enthusiasts in Hollywood, but they certainly represent some of the most impressive and dedicated passion for the hobby we've ever seen. I'd love to hear who your favorite celebrity railroader is, so please take a moment to leave a comment below. 

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