The Ultimate Model Train App

Aug. 14th 2013

Model train enthusiasts have always collected on the road and on the move. We hunt in stores, we convene at shows, and we think about our trains everywhere we go. But until now we've never had the ultimate tool to carry our collection in our pocket.

The Ultimate Model Train App

  • Access the entire 91,000-item catalog
  • Add and remove trains from your collection
  • View values, photos, and info anywhere
  • Find figures with the barcode scanner

Whether you want to check on a train's value from a convention show floor, or just want to add your latest purchase to your digital collection on DASH right from a local shop, the Collector-ModelTrains mobile app for Android or iOS is perfect for you.

It frees you from the burden of paper checklists and bulky price guides by taking more than 90,000 trains and accessories and putting them right into your pocket. You can unlock all the app's amazing features by becoming a DASH Club member.

But it's pretty hard to envision just how awesome the app is without actually seeing it in action. That's why I've taken screenshots from my Android phone and included them in a walkthrough of its various features below. But before I get into all the goodies, watch this video of the app in action. 

Once you open the app, you're greated with a helpful home screen. From the main screen you can access your collection of trains, search for trains in the catalog, scan a barcode (Android only), access your wanted list, or even find articles from right here on DASH Flash. I think the coolest feature is being able to view and manage your digital DASH collection right from the phone. You can see a list of all your trains separated into their respective scales or categories, from which you can then go to any single train's detailed listing from the DASH Catalog. 

That means hundreds of thousands of photos and more than 91,000 trains' information is right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. I've often checked out a car's listing while at my local train shop to see its true value. You can sniff out bad deals instantly or identify the steal of a lifetime at a garage sale with ease. And the best part is, no one even knows that's what you're doing, because they assume you're just sending a text or checking emails. 


Even if you aren't shopping, I think the app is a great distraction for the boring moments in life. Any time you have 5 minutes to kill, popping out the app and browsing through model train photos is a great way to enjoy collecting in your downtime. If you're like me, you enjoy model train photos no matter the time or place, not just from the comfort of your layout. And as an expert in the field, I need to spend the time familiarizing myself with various obscure scales and rolling stock (unlike that SD70ACe over there, which we all know and love). 

Being able to zoom and pan around the high quality photos is a great feature for detail-nuts like myself. How could I ever learn about every single train that ever existed without having them at arm's length 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

But the fun doesn't actually end there. One of the most useful features ever devised for a railroader is the built-in barcode scanner in the Anroid app. Thanks to DASH's extensive record of UPC codes for trains, you can pull up many listings using nothing more than a barcode and your phone. 

If a new load of trains just arrived in the mail, scan them each up, take a photo, and add them to your digital DASH collection right from the phone. Then just sit back and relax with the knowledge that your collection is nice and organized before you even get them open.


The DASH mobile app takes the incredible online experience of our collection management software and makes it more convenient and accesible for collectors on the move. Never has it been more fun nor more easy to accomplish so many collecting tasks right from your phone. 

You probably didn't even realize what you were missing with the DASH mobile app, but as soon as you start using it regularly, it'll become your new best friend. I'd certainly hate to return to life as a model train enthusiast without it. 


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