The Best Way to Sell Your Model Train Collection

Aug. 21st 2013

There comes a time when every model train collection has to change hands, and whether you're looking to liquidate your own beloved trains or those of a lost loved one, it can be difficult to figure out the best course of action. That's why DASH is here to help. 

There are a lot of obstacles to selling a model train collection. You have to identify exactly what you have, you have to determine its value, and you have to decide the best method and place for selling it. DASH allows you to do all of those things in just a few conventient steps. 


Step 1. Manage your collection on DASH

Use our extensive Catalog to find and identify the trains in your collection. Our photos and thorough descriptions make it easy, and you can add any trains that are missing yourself using our big simple buttons. Once your items are all added to the My Collection section, you'll have a way to show people "this is exactly what I have for sale" on your Collection Showcase. 


Step 2. Send us an email request to sell your collection

After you've managed your collection, DASH will take over. We'll make sure you properly marked trains as boxed or loose and accurately desribed their condition when adding them to your collection. Once everything is in order, we'll give you a value estimate of your collection based on our values and price guide. You can use this in combination with our advice to set the best price for your collection.  


Step 3. Let us market your listing and collect your money

After we've agreed on a starting price and the terms for your auction, we'll show your collection to our dedicated base of model train buyers. DASH will get eyeballs on your auction and specifically market your trains to interested parties. Our auction tools can prevent your auction from going cheaper than you'd like, and our 15% buyer's premium will be added to the final price for you to keep. All you pay us is a small 7.95% fee on the total invoice amount.  

There might be a few easier ways to sell a model train collection, but none combine the convenience and thoroughness of DASH's Sell My Collection method. We give you the tools to get the most money out of your trains while helping you through the entire process. It doesn't get much better than that. 

If you're interested in the best way to sell your model train collection, just click the giant button below. 

Let us help you in your time of need, and we'll make sure your selling experience is a positive and rewarding one. 

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