Technical Improvements Are on Track

March 27th 2013

Although you might be experiencing a few delays during your travels through the site, we're hard at work improving Collector-ModelTrains. The ride may be bumpy, but significant improvements to the site are on track and arriving shortly.

We wanted to let you know that we're aware of a few problems you might be experiencing with the site, but they're all part of the construction and improvement process. Some of the issues you might be seeing include slow response times, a confusing texonomy in the catalog, and of course a closed marketplace. We recognize the significance of each, and believe me when I say they bother us just as much as they do you.

That's why we're working our cabooses off to get the site rolling smoothly, and we wanted to update you on our progress! In short: things are still on track. In a little more detail, take a look at some of the upcoming improvements we have scheduled for the very near future. 

  • Faster site response while you are browsing and building your online collection
  • Greatly expanded and more detailed Catalog taxonomy and data
  • Totally renovated marketplace with a huge increase in available inventory 
  • Increased social and community presence

Collector-ModelTrains is about to get very exciting very quickly. We just ask for a little patience right now as we work through these improvements and create the world's best website for model train collectors. 

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