TCA Divisions Partner with DASH to Grow the Hobby

Nov. 25th 2013

Here at DASH we're always looking for opportunities to expand and improve the model train hobby, and thanks to a pair of new partnerships, that's exactly what we're doing.

The Rocky Mountain and Southeastern divisions of the Train Collectors Association have recognized the value of DASH and want to join us on our mission to make the hobby better. Together we're going to do everything we can to make the hobby even better, and we want you to be a part of it.

For Rocky Mountain and Southeastern division members exploring DASH for the first time, we have tons of features and tools to make model railroading more fun, affordable, and efficient. Our free collection management allows railroaders to track and organize their huge collections and layouts. The DASH Catalog features more than 90,000 trains and accessories and more than 500,000 photos, truly serving as the ultimate resource for model train information online. Our marketplace is quickly becoming the most affordable and user-friendly experience for model train enthusiasts who shop online.

We're also providing a free DASH Club membership to each member of these TCA Divisions members, so join the Division and get DASH Club for free. This offer gives you full access to the DASH mobile app, makes buying on the DASH Marketplace even more affordable, and gives you a discount off the full purchase price of a DASH Premium membership. As a special tribute to the service the TCA divisions provide to the hobby, every Premium membership purchased by division members will result in a financial contribution to the TCA endowment fund! This fund helps ensure the future of the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg Pennsylvania.

As part of the partnership, DASH will be offering clinics to explain online collection management, as well as buying and selling trains online. Model train enthusiasts will be able to participate in these clinics at DASH booths at the divisions' regional shows in late November and early December, so come and visit!

For more information on these new partnerships, please browse the following links.

          TCA Rocky Mountain Division
          TCA Southeastern Division

DASH is incredibly excited to explore these new partnerships and grow the model railroading hobby with the help of each division.  

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  • 5 years ago

    Hi Railroaders:
    I am glad to see the partnerships you've established and just maybe, with the added voices (along with DASH) we can increase interest in 2 track,"O" scale; I have never seen a 3 rail real train(subways excluded). When I was a child my father, who worked for Seaboard Airline Railroad would only buy me American Flyer trains, because he wanted to "make it real"; no 3 rail model ever darkened our door.
    I am retired(Airline Transport Pilot} and am again tinkering with my first love,MODEL "O" SCALE TRAINS and I have a suggestion that
    I think will make "O" Scale, 2 rail Model trains become more popular and grow in demand.
    My simple suggestion is, when advertising ANY train for sale, PLEASE ,IN THE SPECIFICATIONS MAKE SURE YOU TELL WHETHER WHAT YOU ARE SELLING IS 2 RAIL OR 3 RAIL/TRACK ! Better still, why not a Magazine or Website devoted to "O" Scale, 2 rail/track ONLY. If
    you want something to grow, you have to treat it like it is important. I have spent many, many hours trying to find "O" scale,2 rail/track locomotives and rolling stock. WHAT SAY YOU !!!
    S David Bailey,

    See vze22td4's collection

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