RMT's New N5C PRR-Style Caboose Sale Info From Aristo

May 31st 2013

If you're an O-gauger in the market for a new piece from Aristo Craft Trains, you won't want to miss this money-saving offer and product spotlight from the company.

Aristo just sent out an update on a few fresh products this week, primarily focused on the new N5C PRR-style caboose. Keep reading below for all the details and images on the new Ready Made Trains lineup of products. This is some cool stuff and includes a few incredible bargains. 

RMT's new N5C PRR-style CABOOSE Only $42.99

MSRP is $119.99... save $77, order yours today at this special pricing!

RMT Customer S.C. says... I consider the new RMT caboose as the BEST ever made. Great detail and accurate painting too! I bought all 5 to go with my new RMT GG1s. Thanks RMT.

RMT Customer R.B. says... I really want to tell how impressed I am with this item. The quality of the paint, lettering, and detail is amazing for this price point. I keep finding more details each time I look at it. I discovered the vent windows in the crows nest as well as the fact that the each of the doors is hinged and opens. Nice touches.

Another RMT Customer says... I thought Ho hum, another N5c. WELL, lo and behold a PENNSYRIFFIC cabin car complete  with trainphone antenna. I Like it!!!

PRR-style N5C Caboose with operating smoke and 5 different RRs/paint schemes.

Matching new GG1 locomotive also in stock.

Click HERE to ORDER the N5C Caboose at special pricing!

Motorized Speeders in 8 different RRs
Click HERE to ORDER the SPEEDERs at special pricing!

All Roadname Water Towers
7 different RRs including LIRR
Click HERE to ORDER the WATER TOWERs at special pricing!

New versions of BEEPeople Figure Sets
4 different sets - all NEW
Click HERE to ORDER NEW FIGURE SETs at special pricing!

Quantities are very limited.
As these are all brand new items for RMT, they can certainly sell out quickly!
No backorders. No refunds or exchanges.

Thank you.

I like the look of every listed in this latest update. That's a beautiful caboose (although I don't know if I'd call it "Pennsyriffic" like the customer quoted above) at an almost-ridiculous discounted price. That water tower sure is eye-catching too, and it comes in a variety of road names to provide the perfect fit for your layout. There's a lot to like here for O-gaugers. 

But if you weren't quite satisfied with what's offered above, you can also check out other products from the company by browsing Aristo in the DASH Marketplace. It's practically ready-made for Ready Made Trains, and you're sure to find an even bigger bargain. 

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