Railway Robbery: Treasure & Trolley

Sept. 5th 2013

Everyone knows that collecting trains can get costly very quickly, but some model train collectibles are more expensive than anyone outside the hobby would ever expect. These kinds of exorbitant trains look more like "Railway Robbery" than a smart purchase, and here are a few of them.  

I located five of the most ridiculous and excessive model train listings available on eBay right now. Although these trains aren't necessarily overpriced, they're definitely on the expensive side of the hobby and far pricier than the normal everyday railroader can handle. Welcome to another edition of Railway Robbery. 

5. Lionel 1913 Midnight Blue 33 Set

Price: $15,000

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This set features a 100 year old train that's absolutely stunning in every way. It might be a little rough around the edges, but what can you expect from such a unique vintage item? This would easily become the centerpiece of any collection, but I'm not sure many collectors would be willing to pay $15,000 to get it. Then again, that's not much for a piece of railroading history like this one.   

4. Ives Early Boxed Trolley Set

Price: $16,000

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This is a beautiful set, and you might never see another one like it! As incredible as the trolley itself looks, I suggest you click the above link and take a look at the box. It features marvelous vintage artwork that really captures the wonder of toy trains. But is it really worth $16,000 to the average collector!? Probably not.   

3. Bockholt Bad IVH Gauge I Express Locomotive

Price: $18,500

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There's nothing quite like a Bockholt train. This pure steel monster of a model may be one of the finest pieces in the entire world. It's totally handcrafted and full of an absurd number of otherwise unseen details. It's hard to look at this train and be anything but speechless. You'll stay speechless when you see the price!

2. HO Model Railroad (16 X19 feet) Professionally-Bulit

Price: $21,000

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It would take far more than $21,000 to recreate this great layout, but who wants to adopt someone else's masterpiece when you can create your own? 

1. Ives Treasure Chest

Price: $28,500

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Ives makes its second appearance on this list with an absolutely stunning piece. This "layout in a box" treasure chest is supposedly the only one of its kind in the entire world, so there's no surprise it comes at a premium price. Collectibles simply don't get better than this, but one question looms: who has $28,500 to spend on it?    

I doubt any of these incredible listings will sell in the near future, but they are awfully enjoyable to look at! Just be careful, because even if you can afford one of these pieces, you might become a victim of Railway Robbery! Anyone seeking more affordable ways to improve their collection should check out the DASH Marketplace instead. 

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