NMRA 2013 Convention Launches in Atlanta

July 17th 2013

The city of Atlanta (and home of DASH) welcomed the National Model Railroad Association's 2013 Annual Convention this week, and things are on track for an incredible show. 

Atlanta is a city with a rich railroading history, and as the home base of DASH, we couldn't be more excited to have the NMRA 2013 convention in town this week. Thanks to the organization of the Piedmont Division, there are some amazing activities and events planned for all the NMRA members in town, and any self-respecting railroader in the area would be silly to miss out on at least some of the fun. If you're playing catch up with the Peachtree Express NMRA 2013 National Convention, check out the helpful links and summary below.   

NMRA National Convention 2013 Links

The NMRA has also summarized the convention quite nicely in the following text.

Atlanta's Piedmont Division is proud to host the 2013 NMRA National Convention. Located in Northwest Atlanta, the Cobb Galleria Centre is a beautiful facility to house the convention and the National Train Show. Layout tours will provide access to more than 60 layouts already showing on the annual Piedmont Pilgrimage open house event in each November. Other impressive layouts from around the Southeastern Region will also be on tour.


The convention has already successfully launched, but really starts getting fun as the week progresses. There are some incredible tours of local rail highlights and spectacular area layouts planned. Visitors will be able to attend a number of clinics and programs to further their skills and interest in the hobby. And the local sightseeing couldn't get much better. It's difficult to imagine a convention that's more organized and more entertaining than this one. 

Finding your way to Atlanta this week is certainly worth the trouble, and you might even be able to say "hello" to a DASH team member or two while you're here. The NMRA 2013 Nation Convention is sure to please all its attendees and loyal railroaders.

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