News From the Lionel Showroom at the Fall 2013 York Meet

Oct. 23rd 2013

Lionel revealed some big upcoming products at York last week, but they also put together an impressive array of upcoming trains in their booth at the show. We've got a closer look at the awesome trains that made the trip.  

The only thing more enjoyable than seeing the latest and greatest trains in a booth at a show is to see them on your layout at home. If you couldn't make it to the TCA Eastern Division's York Meet last week, we've got you covered. Here's a look at Lionel's incredible lineup of new trains that made it to the show. 

More News from York

Yesterday we showed previews of some of the major new releases coming in 2014 debuted last week in York. Of course there were lots of other products on display as well. Here are some of the highlights.

Weathered Locomotives

Samples of the UP 9000, PRR and B&O weathered sharks, all featured in the 2013 Fall Catalog, were all on display. Each weathered model will be hand-weathered by artist Harry Heike – a beautiful and personal touch to make your models unique. The extra touch of weathering really brings out the details on the models.

Norfolk Southern Heritage

Preproduction samples of all 10 shells for the Heritage SD70ACE and three of the ES44AC O Gauge locomotives were on display as well as many of the American Flyer versions as well.


From the new Polar Express Streamlined Passenger set to our new home-decor items, Christmas came early in York. (Even Santa showed up!)

American Flyer

In addition to the new Heritage locomotives, there were several other American Flyer cars shown was well, including the new mint car.


Samples of many of our LionChief Remote sets ran the days away on our display towers. There were plenty of other traditional locomotives, sets and cars to see as well.

What a great assortment of new trains! I'm impressed by almost everything that was put on display, but a few things really stood out for me. First off are the new weathered locomotives. They feature some of the most realistic and gorgeous weathering I've ever seen right out of the box! Because each piece will be hand-weathered by an artist with a personal touch, you're getting a supremely unique and beautiful new train if you grab one of these engines. 

The Heritage Series locomotives look as good as always. I'll never tire of seeing the charming gold and green of the Bee Line Service brought back to life, so I was glad it made an appearance at the meet. The American Flyer Fort Knox mint car is absolutely stunning, if a little over the top. The Polar Express colors look particularly sharp pictured above, and it's the perfect time to start preparing for Christmas. 

When it comes to the more standard items on display, it's obvious that Lionel is continually improving when it comes to detail and quality. The L&N 2 Bay Hopper above looks rich and realistic, while the CNW F7 is painted wonderfully and layered in its details and textures. I'm a huge Where the Wild Things Are fan, so I may have to add that particular car to my collection. 

It was another great year at York, and this was another impressive selection of new products from Lionel. Keep your eyes out for all of these great pieces on the DASH Marketplace in the coming months, and be sure to swing by York next time around to see them all for yourself. 

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