New Year Special - Sell 5 Items Free, Sell at 4.95%

Jan. 6th 2014

We want to make selling on the DASH Marketplace easier and more affordable than ever. That's why we're giving you 5 free sales and a 4.95% selling fee! As long as you list your first item for sale in January, you'll be locked into our 5&5 promotion for 30 days. 

That means 5 trains will cost you absolutely nothing to sell. NO listing fees, NO closing fees, NO costs of any kind.

And after you sell 5 trains, we'll reduce your rate to 4.95% for the remainder of your 30 day trial. If you become accustomed to selling trains so affordably, then you can always sign up for our new PowerSeller program to lock in that 4.95% fee for the rest of the year!  

Now All you have to do is start listing, and here’s how:

  The simplest way to list is by filling in good, old-fashioned form. Here is a quick video to show how straightforward this method is on DASH.     You can also leverage the full power of the DASH Catalog to simplify the listing process. You can reuse item titles, descriptions and stock photos with this method.
  If you are a dealer, DASH has tools to take a list of your full inventory and create listings for you. Watch this video to see how you can automate the creation and management of your listings.     Particularly for new items, DASH can really speed the listing process using the “Express” method. To manage your listings, you have to do no systems management at all.

If you have any questions about this promotion or run into any problems while trying to sell, don't hesitate to contact us for additional assistance. We look forward to seeing your trains on the DASH Marketplace.

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