New Video Tutorials for Selling on DASH

Dec. 13th 2013

We're always looking for ways to make the DASH selling experience easier for our users. That's why we created a new series of video tutorials to walk you through the various ways to list model trains for sale on the DASH Marketplace.

There are currently four ways to list trains depending on the type of seller you are. For regular users looking to unload a few extra pieces, you can list a few items quickly and easily using the manual list method seen below. 

List Using Manual Method

Another quick way to list items that are already in your collection on DASH is to use the Catalog to fill up the listing details. This makes listing super fast and helps you build a great listing in no time. Check out the steps to accomplish this in the video below. 

Catalog Based Listing Method

If you're looking to list items in larger numbers, the express method may be perfect for you. Whether you have dozens of trains to sell or thousands, you can build listings quickly and efficiently using this method. 

List Using the Express Method

The final way to list is a bulk import tool that allows you to build extremely detailed and full-featured listings in large quantities. This is the ultimate upload tool for high volume dealers looking to build attractive listings. 

Using the Bulk Load Import

Any of the above listing methods will get your on the DASH Marketplace and in front of thousands of model train buyers. If you'd prefer to read a step-by-step guide, check out our How to Sell documentation for even more detailed instructions. You can also contact us if you run into any problems or have any questions. 

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