New Lionel Products in Spotlight at Toy Fair

Feb. 23rd 2014

There are lots of shows and conventions where train manufacturers show off their latest model trains. But only a few companies make the trip to Toy Fair every year to show off their toy trains! Lionel is one of the few, and we have a new spotlight on their Toy Fair lineup. 

Not every train is a $1,000 high-end model, and not every collector wants to break the bank buying new trains. Those with an eye for toy trains or those looking to bring children into the world of railroading with new products will love what Lionel had to show off at Toy Fair. Get all the details on the new lines and products straight from Lionel below. 

New Product Spotlight – Lionel at Toy Fair

Toy Fair is an annual tradition in New York City where manufacturers and retailers gather to show their latest wares and upcoming projects. Lionel has a longstanding tradition of attending the event and this year’s booth was better than ever. So what did we display and what can you expect to see on your dealers’ shelves in the upcoming year? Here is a peak at the highlights.

The most popular train line in Lionel’s history will get even better in 2014. We’ll have more details about these upcoming products when the catalogs come out next month.

Polar Express™

From our LionChief™ Remote sets to gleaming gold scale Berkshires, The Polar Express will be showcased all across our product lines in 2014 as we celebrate the movie’s tenth anniversary. Look for some great new accessories in O, G and Little Lines as well.


A second tower showcased our Thomas and Friends™ product line – one of our most recognized brands. The addition of our wireless controls to Thomas has greatly improved its play value with young children. And for those who’ve already built up a large roster for their Sodor railways, Thomas will be joined by two new friends and more accessories in 2014!

Frosty the Snowman

Here’s a first look at the pre-production sample of our new Frosty the Snowman O Gauge set!
In what has to be the most fitting new license for us this winter season, Frosty the Snowman™ will join the Lionel crew for 2014. We showcased pre-production samples of new sets in both O and G Gauge at Toy Fair. Look for more news in the coming catalogs.

I love that Lionel still focuses on the young railroaders of the world. All three of these new trains are perfect for kids thanks to their friendly characters and accessibility. Frosty the Snowman will be chugging its way around Christmas trees and Thomas the Tank Engine will be bringing smiles to lots of kids' faces throughout 2014. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since The Polar Express was in theaters, but seeing it take center stage in Lionel's lineup this year is a welcome reminder. 

Seeing trains in such a prominent role at the world's biggest toy show is a wonderful reminder that trains still have a place in the hearts and minds of children around the world. You can keep an eye out for this lineup on the DASH Marketplace throughout 2014, or shop for other cool Lionel products in the meantime. 

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