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March 7th 2014

The DASH Catalog is the ultimate reference resource for model train collectors, and it currently features more than 90,000 different trains and accessories. A majority of those entries have wonderful photos, and seeing them in all their glory juts got easier thanks to our brand new Catalog viewer.  

I encourage you to go see the new viewer yourself. You can check out any DASH Catalog listing with an image to see it in action, or head over to this new one I just created! The new tools should feel quite intuitive and probably even fun if you're a railroader who likes looking at trains (who isn't!). I've also included some detailed instructions below to help you make the most of the improvement. 

Right off the bat you'll see some big changes in the image area. It can be larger or smaller depending on the default proportions of the image. Long skinny trains are no longer forced into a square display area, meaning the pertinent information moves farther up the page for easier access.

You'll also notice it's super easy to click the image and view it in more detail. If it's a high resolution picture, it will pop out to fill the screen and let you view every single tiny little detail. Just look at the way this beautiful locomotive practically jumps out and fills up my big screen. Moving your mouse around the image will help you to focus in on specific areas and pan down the entire length of the locomotive. We think it's the best way to view trains online right now!

If a Catalog listing has multiple images (and most do), then you can use convenient buttons to scroll through the various photos. Maybe you want to get a closer look at the packaging, so just click its relevant thumbnail in the scroll tool, then it will fill the primary viewer and be zoomable like the default image. There are also scroll buttons available on fully-zoomed images, so you can check out every image at its full resolution with just a few clicks. 


There are also a few nifty social buttons that will allow you to show the train off on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites and via email. And if you've got a few great photos of the item yourself, you're certainly welcome to upload them using the big red button at the bottom of the viewer. We love getting new pictures, and so does our huge community of railroaders.

You should swing by the DASH Catalog today, because there are tons of amazing trains to view in an all new way!

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