MTH Shows Off Their Latest Trains

Dec. 15th 2013

There are few things I like more than looking at pictures of new model trains. Every new train that comes out seems to be more detailed, have more features, and look better than the ones before it. That's especially true of the newest stuff from MTH! 

We've got new images and closer looks at four new trains from MTH, including some gorgeous O Gauge locomotives and a very special Tinplate train that'll leave you breathless! They all look even better when shot on MTH's in-house layout, so keep reading to see insightful product descriptions and stunning photos straight from the folks at MTH below.

MTH RailKing O Gauge Chessie 4-8-4 Northern Steam Engine

Just a few flurries falling outside here at the office in Columbia, Maryland this morning. At the car shed though we have the just arrived and in-stock MTH RailKing O Gauge Chessie 4-8-4 Northern Steam Engine. Featured in the 2013 Volume 2 RailKing & Premier O-Gauge Trains Catalog this RailKing Northern comes in Santa Fe 30-1604-1, Reading 30-1605-1, Chessie 30-1606-1, and Great Northern 30-1607-1 road names. These will be heading out to MTH Dealers this week and would be a great addition to any layout this Christmas.

No. 6 Electric Express Locomotive

The No. 6 Locomotive was first introduced by The Lionel Manufacturing Company around 1910. The Lionel catalog of the time proclaimed the No. 6 Electric Express Locomotive "Beyond Comparison" and " the most perfect miniature model ever placed on sale." Today The Lionel Tinplate Corporation is proud to bring the No. 6 Steam Engine back with this all new Western & Atlantic Railroad WARR General paint scheme. Arriving in early 2014 the No. 6 would be a great addition to any Standard Gauge Tinplate layout. Ask your MTH or Lionel Corporation Dealer about ordering one today. To see the entire line of Lionel Corporation Tinplate here is a link the the on-line catalog.

MTH Premier O Gauge Climax Logging Steam Engine

Today we have a production sample of the MTH Premier O Gauge Climax Logging Steam Engine. This Premier Steam Locomotive will be arriving in the first part of 2014 and comes in Canadian Forest Products Ltd. 20-3445-1, British Columbia Forest Products 20-3446-1, and two HillCrest Lumber Company (cab #10 shown 30-3443-1) (Cab #3 black 30-3444-1) road names. Ask your MTH Dealer about ordering one today. For more information about the Premier HillCrest Climax featured on facebook 30-3443-1 here is a link to the item on the MTH Website.

MTH Premier O Gauge Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-6-2 P47 Baldwin Pacific Steam Engine

On this cold December morning we have the new and in-stock MTH Premier O Gauge Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-6-2 P47 Baldwin Pacific Steam Engine. The Blue Comet Passenger Train traveled twice-daily between Jersey City and Atlantic City in the 1920's. This famed locomotive so captured the imagination that it inspired Lionel Trains in the 1930's and 40's to use the paint scheme on their 390, 400E Standard Gauge and 263E O Gauge Tinplate locomotives. The same models our own Lionel Corporation Tinplate reproduces today. Clearly we have come along way in model trains since then as this Premier O Scale Jersey Central Blue Comet shows. The 2013 Premier P47 comes in Hi-Rail Wheels (3-rail) and Scale Wheels (2-Rail) both in traditional black and the more famed Blue Comet Paint Scheme. Ask your MTH Dealer about the Premier Jersey Central P47 today. For more details on this item check out this link to the MTH website.

It doesn't get much better than that! Despite the stunningly sharp No. 6, I think The Blue Comet is my favorite of the above trains. Its rich blue color is just perfect. It would undoubtedly brighten up any layout or bring a new spark to any collector's shelf. Then again, all of these trains would do that! One could look at these pictures for hours and not spot every amazing detail that's been crammed into these trains, and that's a sign that MTH has really put some love and care into their creation. 

Keep an eye out for these trains and more great MTH products on the DASH Marketplace. We've got thousands of MTH trains right now, and more are being added every day. And if you're looking for all the latest news and trains on MTH, don't stray too far from DASH Flash, because we've got it all. 

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