M.T.H. Publishes 2013 RailKing One Gauge Catalog

Sept. 7th 2013

Fans who have been anxiously awaiting the latest catalog from M.T.H. will be thrilled to know that it has now been posted online for your enjoyment.  

Unlike traditional print catalogs, the new M.T.H. catalog is a digital-only version, but still looks and operates much like the paper versions to which you're probably much more accustomed. It might not have the 90,000 items of the DASH Catalog, but there are some beautiful new trains all the same. Take a look at a few previews of the catalog below, and be sure to click here to read it in full.  

2013 RailKing One Gauge Catalog

Unlike past RailKing One Gauge catalogs or other M.T.H. product line catalogs, this year's One Gauge catalog will only be available in electronic format. No printed versions will be produced. The new catalog is presented on the M.T.H. website in an interactive flip page format. This new format allows you to page through the catalog as if you were turning the pages of the printed version. We've created hot links for all the items allowing you to quickly open up each item's detail page on the M.T.H. website where you'll discover more about each item, including item features, historical copy, sizes and minimum curve operation.

The catalog can be viewed online by clicking the following link:

2013 RailKing One Gauge Catalog

It's always a lot of fun to see a company's latest products, especially when the trains are this beautiful. The product descriptions and big bold images make for a very compelling read. If you're a fan of catalog reading like this, be sure to check out the DASH Catalog too! It provides thousands more colorful images and detailed product descriptions. And be sure to keep an eye out for these new trains on M.T.H.'s website or right here on the DASH Marketplace in the near future. 

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