More Top Celebrity Model Railroaders

Sept. 16th 2013

As the best hobby there is, it's no surprise that celebrities of various sorts are drawn to model railroading. We already identified the top five celebrities in model railroading, but now we have five more famous railroaders that might surprise you!

It's a welcome feeling to know that so many influential and identifiable folks share our passion for trains, and that's exactly why I've decided to discuss even more celebrities that love to spend time with their layouts and show off their collections. There's a good chance some of these folks even use DASH to manage their famous collections!   

5. Tom Snyder

This former host of The Late Late Show regularly discussed trains on air and expressed his passion for the hobby with a Lionel standard gauge layout in his home. Since his death in 2007, the famed TV personality's layout has been on public display at the New Jersey Hi-Railers model train club, allowing Tom to continue entertaining onlookers years after his passing. 

4. Michael Gross

Although most people will recognize Michael Gross from acting roles in Family Ties and Tremors, his presensce in the rail transport community is unmatched. Gross is extremely active in efforts supporting various facets of the hobby, and is even part-owner of a working railroad, the Santa Fe Southern Railway. His influence as a railroader might just exceed his fame as an actor. 

3. Tom Hanks

As one of the most famous actors in the world, Tom Hanks may be the most recognizable model railroader in the world. His self-professed love for trains doesn't define him, but likely influenced his participation in The Polar Express film, which honored the only train in existance equally famous to himself!


2. Mandy Patinkin

This popular actor from The Princess Bride and dozens of other prominent roles is one of the few celebrity railroaders who isn't shy about his love for the hobby. He regularly discusses his passion for trains, and even played a model railroader on TV! Mandy actually discussed and operated trains with Tom Snyder (from earlier on our list) on national television, too. 

1. Walt Disney

Walt Disney is one of the most influential businessmen in the history of the world, and one doesn't have to look far into the history of Disney to see his love for trains shining through the various cartoons, amusement parks, and other aspects of the business. You can really see the joy he finds in railroading throughout this touching home movie of Disney playing with a garden railroad. It just doesn't get any better than that. 

These five fine fellows certainly aren't the only famous railroaders out there, and I might have to make another list in the near future to reveal five more. I'd love to hear about your favorite celebrity railroader or discover another famous railfan, so please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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