Making Bank Engines - November 5th

Nov. 5th 2013

If you're not familiar with bank engines, they're used to help trains up steep passes that take them to new heights. The five model trains featured in this article might not be bank engines by definition, but they would certainly elevate any collection to a new level of impressiveness.

What that means is that these five trains are the most valuable items currently for sale on the DASH Marketplace, and each of them would make your collection even more jaw-dropping than it is already. These five trains and sets will wow anyone who sees them, and could even help you make bank as an investment.

5. Lgb 20892 Sumpter Valley Mallet Steam Loco

Price: $711

This train might have a little wear and tear, but G Scale beauties like this one don't come around every day. It would improve any display case with its giant size and slick black coloring, not to mention wowing any history buffs that wandered by it. 

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4. Lionel 2373 Canadian Pacific F3 Aa Diesel Locomotives

Price: $773

This gorgeous pair of Lionel locomotives will leave most railroaders speechless. They are almost 60 years old, and represent Lionel's first foray into foreign territory with a premium diesel. Because they weren't particularly popular and were only manufactured for a single year, they're now incredibly rare and alluring for collectors. 

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3. 3rd Rail 901 Virginian 2-6-6-6 Loco. & Tender

Price: $775

This is a classic locomotive produced to the highest of quality and in pristine condition. Those factors alone make it one of the most visually striking and desirable items available in the entire Marketplace. 

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2. Lionel 6414 Evans Autoloader with Kelly Green Automobiles (Extremely Rare) EX

Price: $800

You might be wondering why this seemingly-simple car is one of the most valuable items on the entire marketplace. It's because of its load's vibrant green color, which was a specific variation that currently makes it very hard to find. It's about as unique as a car can get, and sure looks nifty too! 

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1. Marklin 29849 American Large Digital Starter Set

Price: $909

It's not surprising that this set tops the charts. Look at everything it includes! It's an entire collection in one shipment, and would be the perfect way to launch a new railroader into the wonderful world of Marklin. 

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Take a moment to compose yourself after seeing such an amazing list of trains. Now I'll give you a minute to consider buying one! Any railroader would be lucky to have these items, but don't worry if they're a little (or a lot) out of your budget. Check out other great trains and big bargains on the DASH Marketplace to find your very own perfect bank engine. 

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