Making Bank Engines - August 8th

Aug. 8th 2013

Bank engines help trains up steep passes and elevate them to great heights. The five engines featured here may not be bank engines by definition, but each would elevate your collection or layout to new heights in much the same way.

These are the five most valuable model trains on the DASH Marketplace as of today, and any of them would make a fine addition to your collection. Not only will these trains wow any railroaders who see them, but they'll help you make bank as a future investment and centerpiece for your layout. 

5. LGB 25432 G Scale Rhb GE 4/4 II Electric Locomotive LN

Price: $1064

This Swiss beauty from LGB has too many details to mention, is in incredible condition, and might just be the perfect piece for a European layout. 

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4. Lgb 21812 Dampflock 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive W/Sound

Price: $1839.99

This gorgeous deep black locomotive absolutely pops thanks to its rich red wheels and intricate craftsmanship. 

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3. LGB 22832 DB Steam Locomotive EX/Box

Price: $2190

This brass constructed engine is simple and iconic in the most wonderful of ways. Models just don't get more visually appealing than this one. 

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2. LGB 25832 Wurttembergische Tssd Mallet Steam Locomotive LN/Box

Price: $2561

Much like its cousin above, this train is simply stunning in its simplicity. Watching it work its way through the mountains of Germany at the turn of the century must've been an incredible sight to behold. 

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1. LGB 20922 Aster Garratt NGG13 Steam Locomotive & Tender w/Sound LN/Box

Price: $4024.99

This locomotive is simply too beautiful, too ornate, and too amazing for words. It's ability to turn sharply is only matched by the number of heads it has turned in its life. This is undoubtedly the king of the DASH Marketplace today, and some lucky railroader has a chance to make it a prize piece. 

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Those are undoubtedly five incredible model trains, and any collector would be lucky to have them. But they aren't the only magnificent items available on the DASH Marketplace, so don't be afraid swing on over and find the ideal treasured collectible for you. 

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