Lionel Spotlights Stunning Pilot Locomotives

Jan. 19th 2014

Most model railroaders like to recreate the real world with their layouts or capture the diverse history of the rail industry with a variety of real-life rolling stock. But for those of you who love the model railroading hobby just as much as the real-world rails on which it's based, Lionel's new spotlight deserves your attention. 

Not every model train has to be realistic, perfectly painted, or ideal for a layout. In fact, Lionel's latest trains to get their time in the spotlight aren't any of those things! They aren't painted at all! Check out the details for these stunningly beautiful locomotives, each of which honors the hobby and its wonder more than the actual trains around the world. 

New Product Spotlight – Pilot Locomotives

Lionel has put some amazing paint schemes on model trains. But until recently, only a few in the production line saw the beauty of these models before the paint was applied. Now with our Pilot models, you have the opportunity to add these unique and limited production models to your collection.

Our pilot models feature all of the details of the regular production locomotives. They also include all of the electronics and other features inside the models. You can display these on your shelf or run them on your layout. The only thing we haven’t included is the paint. Instead the models are assembled and coated with a clear finish to protect the metal parts.

The contrast between the numerous brass and die-cast parts makes for a stunning model. Often these smaller details get lost under a coat of black paint. But here you can appreciate the true craftsmanship that goes into these fine models.

Small runs of Pilot models have been made over the past two years but never cataloged, until now! See your dealers to order from the six locomotives in the 2013 Volume 2 Catalog and look for additional Pilot models in the future.

Models available include:

  • 6-11341 4-14-2
  • 6-11403 USRA 2-8-8-2
  • 6-11410 Mohawk 4-8-2
  • 6-11413 J class 4-8-4
  • 6-11418 GS-6 4-8-4
  • 6-38752 Centipede AA Diesel

The LEGACY-equipped steam locomotives retail for $1299.99 each and the Vision Line Centipedes are $2199.99. See your dealers to get your piece of Lionel history today!

I absolutely love these trains! They are perfectly sleek and visually compelling down to every last inch. They capture the underpinnings of model railroading by showcasing the craftsmanship and detail of the models themselves. Because they lack the dark paints which typically hide all the complexities of the model, you can see so much more on these locomotives. All the intricacies pop into view and allow you to lovingly spend hours going over every single detail. These will look absolutely unique and eye-catching on any collector's shelf. If you want a prize piece to show off, any one of these pilot locomotives will do the trick. 

These trains certainly aren't affordable, but I think they're worth every penny for the unique perspective they offer on the hobby. You can keep an eye out for these amazing pieces on the DASH Marketplace, or browse other great Lionel trains today. 

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