Lionel Spotlights Santa Fe Scout Set

June 18th 2013

Not every set in your collection has to be a new centerpiece, and sometimes a nice and easy ready-to-run set can be a fun diversion from the more advanced collecting habits of experienced railroaders. Lionel's latest product spotlight offers that exact opportunity. 

Fans of the southwest and its colorful railroads will find something to love about Lionel's newest product offerings. The Santa Fe Scout Set might not turn any heads, but it's a wonderful introductory set to get a new railroader on the tracks or have some fun without breaking the bank. You can read all about the new set and remote below, and then take a look at the pretty pictures (click for full size images).   

New Product Spotlight – Santa Fe Scout Set with LionChief Remote

With the distinctive “Blat” of its single-chime horn and burbling throb of its Alco diesel, a Santa Fe RS-3 rolls into town with the local freight ready to go to work. From siding to siding, the train is busy picking up and setting out cars, serving the Santa Fe’s customers with prompt and friendly service.

Just like that local is the starting point for many freight cars’ journeys, the new Santa Fe Scout Set can be the beginning of your railroad adventure. With everything you need to get started in our easy-to-assemble, easy-to-control ready to run set, the Santa Fe Scout is packed with value.

Equipped with our new LionChief Remote Control system, the Santa Fe RS-3 and set are ready to go right out of the box. Just snap together the FasTrack oval, plug in the power supply, put the train on the track and go. The locomotive comes to life with realistic sounds and smooth performance. The engine includes:

  • Walk-around radio control with the LionChief Remote
  • RailSounds RC with diesel revving, horn, bell and user activated crew dialog
  • On/Off switch for sound
  • Operating headlights
  • Lighted interior
  • Maintenance Free Motor
  • Operating couplers

The LionChief Remote is the most user-friendly control system Lionel has ever created. Easy enough for young engineers to learn and love, the whole family can have fun playing with this set together.

Trailing behind the locomotive are a gondola with a pair of removable containers, boxcar with opening doors and a caboose – perfect for a busy local freight that can be loaded and unloaded with many products. And as your business grows, the set is easy to expand with additional FasTrack, cars and accessories.

See your dealer to order one today. The fun starts with a list price of just $199.99. The set should be shipping shortly.

This set might not appeal to the most hardcore enthusiasts out there, but its wild variety of gorgeous colors and car types will certainly grab the attention of many new railroaders. This an eye-catching set with an eye-catching introductory pricetag, and that alone will be enough to win over a number of folks. This set is simple, convenient, and fun, making it a welcome variation from the world of high-end items that consume many collections. 

If you think this fun set is perfect for you, keep an eye out for it and other Lionel products on the DASH Marketplace.  

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