Lionel Spotlights New Military Freight Cars

Nov. 16th 2013

We recently passed Veterans Day, and it was hard not to think of the long and important history trains have played in the United States military. That's why Lionel has decided to spotlight some of the military freight cars they currently have available. 

Whether your layout is centered on a military theme or not, it's a lot of fun and even patriotic to add a few military trains to your collection. You can use your hobby to show support for the veterans in your life! Check out all the United States military freight cars from Lionel in their update below. 

New Product Spotlight – Made in the USA Military Freight Cars

When Lionel’s first new Made In America boxcars rolled out last year, we promised that it was only the beginning of a project to bring more production back to the United States. This year, that plan continues with two new freight car models, all assembled here and all decorated to honor the branches of our armed services.

Joining the boxcars in our traditional line are a new tank car and flat car. The cars will be assembled in the United States from parts made here and abroad. Last year’s boxcars sold out quickly – don’t miss your chance to add these historic cars to your collection this year.

Our new cars are being manufactured in the heart of Virginia, in a region surrounded by the rich military history of America’s Civil War. We have been working very closely with our new supplier to ensure that these cars meet our high expectations for the Made in America name.

The new cars feature:

  • O-27 minimum curve operation
  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Metal frame on the boxcar
  • Removable load on the flatcar
  • Opening doors on the boxcar
  • Metal brake wheel on all cars

Each of the three cars is decorated to honor each of the branches of our armed services: the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.  They will look great in a train together, mixed with our other military trains, or proudly displayed on your shelf.

For artwork for each of the cars in every branch, see our 2013 Signature Catalog.

Each car retails for $64.99. Don’t wait, see your dealers to order these cars so they don’t pass you by.

No matter which branch of the United States military you'd like to support with a model train, Lionel has something for you. I'm particularly fond of the Marine Corps' tan and green freight car which bears a powerful silhouette and even more powerful words, "Semper Fidelis". The new tank and flat cars might not have the same visual punch, but they're American made and deserve a place in any collection. 

Keep your eyes out for these trains on the DASH Marketplace in the near future, or search for even more military trains to get a new collection started right now!

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