Lionel Debuts Battle Train Mobile Game Trailer

June 28th 2013

Lionel just released a trailer for its upcoming iPad game, Battle Train. It looks like you'll finally have another train-related app to install alongside your  DASH Trains mobile app!

Even if you've never played a game on your iPad before, it looks like Battle Train might be of interest to you. It aims to take the hobby we love, spins up a creative narrative, and throws it all together in an action-packed and visually-appealing way. Just take a look at the exciting new trailer below and see if your interest is piqued.  

It might not capture the reality of model trains, but it certainly brings trains to life in an exciting way. The graphics are colorful and fun, the gameplay seems exciting and dynamic, and the visual design and audio look and sound excellent. Some might consider this kind of game "goofy", but I think it's a smart move by Lionel to engage their audience and allow collectors to introduce the brand and the hobby to a younger generation of their family. 

Lionel isn't getting specific on a release date, but cites "summer" for the app's availability. I'll do my best to bring you a more detailed look when it's officially released, but I don't see how it could top the wonderful DASH app with a Club membership.   

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