July to Bring New Miller Engineering Signs

May 26th 2013

There's nothing that will bring a new layout to life like that small finishing touch that grabs the eye and pulls the whole thing together. A sign from Miller Engineering could do exactly that for your layout, and they have just announced a few new ones to add to your collection. 

There are six new signs set to arrive this July from Miller Engineering, and each of them could be the shiny flourish your layout has been missing. The designs look great so far, and they each feature big-time brands that'll earn an "that's cool" from any casual viewers. You can read all the new details from the company below, or you can get all the details over on their website

New Signs Coming this July

We seem to receive an endless stream of suggestions for new signs, which is great and we thank all our customers who have submitted ideas! We would love bring them all out, but sadly we can't. We have to pick and choose with the hope our selections will be well received. With that in mind, we are planning a few new releases for the end of July. For more information click HERE or on any of the images.

First up is a Coors Beer rooftop billboard. This sign has been requested enough times by our customers, so its time has come. It will come in two sizes. We will also have a Coors window sign to complement it. If you purchase either size of the Coors Billboard before July 30th, you will receive the Coors window sign for FREE. To reserve one of these signs, drop us an e mail at milleren@microstru.com

Next up is a Burlington Northern billboard, available in two sizes. This sign has great animation and if you're a Burlington fan, this sign is for you. As stated before, we are hoping to do all the railroad names, with the most popular ones first.

We have added three more window signs:

"Amtrak Waiting Room" window sign - This is a great addition if you have a train station (we assume you do if you have a train layout!).

S&H Green Stamps window sign! Who doesn't remember these (if you're old enough!)? This sign meant a lot in the old days - especially to our Moms who would diligently lick those stamps and fill those books to get that treasure from the S&H Green stamp catalog!

"Napa Auto Parts" window sign - definitely an all American icon - instantly recognizable when behind the wheel, especially if you had a leaky radiator or some other car ailment. Didn't realize they had been around so long until we did the research on them... since 1925!

In the next newsletter we will have one more sign coming! Until then, have a safe and happy summer and keep those trains running!

Please remember all our new signs are Limited Edition Signs. If you would like to reserve any of them drop us an email at: milleren@microstru.com

I love the general brands like Napa and Coors, but I think the company's future in railway signs is most exciting. Burlington Northern enthusiasts have a great new centerpiece for their collections, and their promise to deliver other railway names in the future is wonderful. I can't wait to see these signs realized, and thankfully we only have a couple months to wait before they arrive.  

Just remember that these signs are all limited editions, so don't wait too long to send Miller Engineering an email and claim your desired piece today. 

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