Introducing As-Is Collection Sales

Feb. 26th 2014

Sometimes railroaders just want to unload their collection all at once, and don't feel like selling their trains one at a time. And that's exactly why a new category called As-Is Collections has been added to the DASH Marketplace.

This new section of the Marketplace will feature sales of entire collections of various sizes, in various scales, and in various conditions. Whether they include dozens of items or hundreds, these moderately priced lots will allow buyers to adopt loads of items into their collection without breaking the bank. These bundled sales are going to be the Marketplace's most efficient way to build out a collection of your own. 

You can already start browsing the first set of new collection sales right now. There are three great listings, each with unique and desirable trains. Items are sold as-is, but the detailed listings and photos should help relieve any concerns. And remember that sales are arranged by a third party seller to ensure delivery and payment, so this is a reliable and enjoyable new way to shop and collect.

If you're interested in listing your own collection for sale, please read our guide to selling your model train collection.  

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