5 Tips For a Train-Filled Father's Day

June 2nd 2013

Model railroading is a hobby that's often inherited and passed down through generations, making it especially enjoyable and memorable when Father's Day rolls around each year.  

That's precisely why I've decided to identify five fun tips for celebrating father's day as a model railroader. Whether you're honoring a lost love one that introduced you to the hobby or passing on your love for trains to the youngest generation in your family, Father's Day is the perfect excuse to spend a day filled with trains.

5. Visit a Historic Train Site or Museum

If you can find a local spot that celebrates trains, make a day out of it! Whether you're heading to York or somewhere close (like the upcoming St. Louis Model Railroad Museum for me), you can enjoy the trip and the destination when trains are involved.

4. Give a Train as a Gift

Sometimes the simplest way to honor the fathers of the world is to buy them an awesome vintage item for their collection or a new ready to run set. You can even take a look on the DASH Marketplace where you're sure to find even more awesome Father's Day gifts for those who laid the track before you.

3. Spend the Day Working on Your Layout

There's nothing that brings a father and son together like spending time working on a layout. Whether building a finishing touch or laying the framework for an entirely new piece, the time spent together will be remembered for ages and make this Father's Day unforgettable.  

2. Take a Train Ride

What better way to spend time with your family than on the rails? Book a day trip on your favorite line and take in some beautiful scenery as you reminisce about starter layouts in an old basement or the latest piece in your collection. There's an energy in the rails that'll bring the day to life like nothing else. 

1. Run Your Trains

When it comes down to it, model railroaders love one thing more than anything else: running their trains. Spend some quiet time with your father or son and simply watch the trains go by! You'll find it both relaxing and enlightening, as you're sure to strike up a conversation, relive some history, and be overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia and calm. I can't think of any better way to celebrate a father and the hobby that brought you together. 

Whether you manage to squeeze all five events into a single day or have a plan for the next five years, these tips are sure to make your Father's Day a special one. I'd like to wish all the fathers out there a wonderful day, and I'd like to remind all the sons and daughters out there to make this day about the model railroader in their life. 

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