First MTH Webinar Contest Winners Selected

Oct. 14th 2013

We partned with MTH Trains to help railroaders like you get their model train collection online. Our recent webinar drew hundreds of attendees that learned to manage their collection online with DASH, and two lucky people won a prize along the way.

DASH gave away a Premium memership to one lucky winner, while MTH gave away a brand new freight car to an even luckier winner. To celebrate his brand new DASH Premium membership, offer your congratulations to:


And then be sure honor this fellow's brand new freight car by congratulating DASH member:


In response to hearing about his prize, djsmitty had this to say: "That's great news!  Thank you." 

They both might have won additional prizes, but attending the webinar was hopefully rewarding enough on its own. Users learned all the tips and tricks of our collection management tools, asked tons of great questions, and got an inside look at the best way to manage their MTH trains. 

The good news is that the webinars and giveaways aren't over! 


We have two more webinars and you've got two more chances to add your name to the list of contest winners. Check out the details for the remaining webinars below, and click that big green button to sign up. 

Session Name: Keeping Track of Your Trains and Their Worth

Target Audience: Model Train Enthusiasts

Overview: Keeping track of your model train collection can be fun and rewarding. There are new free tools to make this simple and worthwhile. Additionally, understanding the value of specific items and your collection as a whole is important when buying or insuring model trains.

Join MTH and our new partner DASH in getting the tips and tricks of managing your collection. Attendees will learn how to keep track of their items as well as look up the value of items they have.

Session attendees will be entered into a drawing for a free MTH product and a premium DASH subscription.

Dates: Thursday Oct. 24th, and Oct. 31st at 1:00 PM EST

Session duration:  45 minutes, plus time for Q&A

Thanks for reading, and good luck toward winning our next set of giveaways!

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