First Look at Fox Valley Models Silverside Coal Gondola

Sept. 23rd 2013

Railroaders rarely get to see behind the curtain when it comes to manufacturing the trains they love, but Fox Valley Models has provided an open-door early look at their new HO coal gondola.

If you're in the market for a new HO Silverside Coal Gondola, you might love the latest test shots from Fox Valley Models. Not only are they showing off an upcoming product, but they're giving railroaders a closer look into the thinking and planning behind its product. That's always appreciated! Read all the details and check out the informational photos below.  

HO HO HO...Y'all HO Silverside Test Shots

Today we received the first shots of our HO Silverside Coal Gondola. We took a few quick shots and thought we would share. Please keep in mind that they are first shots and it is being reviewed. The cars will have all of the bracing included in the box. Interior braces will be modeler applied for those that want to run empty trains. Why not install them at the factory? Extra work? - sure. But since the braces are very near the top of the car, any loads could not sit down in the car - unless you like live loads. We are also including the extra side bracing that some cars received later. Again, these are optional as all cars did not receive them - add as desired or to match photos. An etched metal brake platform will be added to the B end as well. The car will be finished with metal wheelsets and #5 couplers. First run announcement will be in the next few weeks. Enjoy the photos.

A Request For Help

If anyone has photos of these cars in service - especially anything after "as built" - we are looking for any specific road numbers that were in the other schemes - Green lettering, white lettering and NS Schemes (white NS logo with SOU reporting marks) We have a good collection of numbers and have seen most on-line photos. If you have any photos or videos from your personal collection, confirmations of scheme/numbers will help make more accurate paint schemes. Thank you for any additional info.

The car sure is coming along nicely, and it's great to see the detail and planning that went into its construction and accessories. The internal bracing and side bracing options are leaving control with the modeler, and the care is doing its part by looking as accurate as possible for the scale. I can't wait to get a closer look at the final product.

Fox Valley Models is also asking for your help! If you have any photos of these bad boys in action, you might just influence the final production run! It won't be too long before we'll be able to hold this gorgeous Silverside Coal Gondola in our hands, so keep your eyes out for it and other gondolas on the DASH Marketplace

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