Find Out What Your Model Train Collection is Worth

Sept. 4th 2013

Model train collections are not only loads of fun, but they're also an investment in both time and money. Because they're such big investments, it's important to keep track of them and know exactly what they're worth. That's why a DASH collection report is perfect for any serious railroader. 

Discover the Value of Your Collection

  • Add items to your collection and wanted list for them to show up on your report
  • DASH will associate real values with a vast majority of your trains
  • View online or print your report for convenience

Most folks spend thousands of dollars on their trains every year, while other devoted collectors have enormous collections or layouts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. These huge investments can quickly get out of hand without proper tracking, management, and reporting. 

A free DASH membership provides access to our catalog and collection management tools, and that's the first step toward tracking a big collection. But collectors seeking more complex details, realistic past-sales values for trains, and more protection for their financial assets need more advanced tools.

They need a DASH Collection Report! DASH's collection reporting tools give collectors both a summary-level and itemized view of their enitre collection, whether it's 10 trains or 10,000. Not only does this provide a fun look into your collection's value, it also gives you a reliable record for collectibles insurance estimates and claims. Below is a glance at the summary level statistics in a DASH Collection Report. 

You can see the overall value estimate of this collection falls between $17,000 and $20,000. Do you think yours is higher? You can also see that this railroader tracked the total cost of their collection as $12,000, so they've already gotten a $5,000 return on their investment! More than 95% of the items in this collection had an associated value in the DASH Catalog, which is typical for the average collection.  


We're always working to add new values and improve the current ones too, and they're based on real sales data, so you know your collection's report will be as accurate and extensive as possible.  

For collectors who want or need an itemized report of their entire collection on paper, we give you that option as well. You can use our quick and easy printing tool to create a paper version of your digital DASH collection. This gives you an extra level of protection and provides you with copies to submit for insurance estimates or claims if you need them. Between the security of DASH's cloud infrastructure and the paper copies locked away in your fireproof safe, you'll never lose your collection tracking records again!

DASH collection reports are for anyone who has always wanted to know how much their collection is worth out of pure curiousity. They're for anyone looking to sell their model train collection and ensure a fair price. DASH reports are perfect for someone who is buying collectibles insurance or filing a claim for lost trains. 

In other words, DASH collection reports are a mandatory accessory for dedicated collectors like you. If you think a DASH collection report is perfect for your collection, just follow the simple instructions to the right and get started with the best collection management tools in the world.

You'll know exactly what your collection is worth in no time!



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