Easier Bid Management on the DASH Marketplace

Nov. 12th 2013

In our continued efforts to make the DASH Marketplace more user-friendly, we made some major changes to the bid management page. It's easier than ever to keep track of your bids and win that treasured train. 

The previous bid management page listed each individual bid on its own, and wasn't arranged by auctions in any way. That made it extremely difficult to keep track of multiple bids over a single item, particularly if you're an active shopped. We've done away with that system completely, and we'd like to introduce you to the beautiful new Your Bids page below. 

The first thing you'll notice is that it's all grouped by listings, not bids. It's a change that improves the functionality of the page by leaps and bounds! You can see all the necessary information for the items you've bid on in one easy row. Using this in conjunction with the My Favorites / Watched page will make you a master bidder in no time!

You'll notice a bold new graphic next to each item that indicates whether you're the high bidder or you've been outbid. You can also see the current bid and your high bid, to see just how far things have gone. This makes it super easy to scan through the list and keep the pressure on in the closing hours of an auction to make sure you win. 

You'll also notice buttons on the far right-hand side that make bidding straight from this page a breeze. If you'd like to add some extra buffer to an item you're already high bidder for, just hit the "Increase!" button to raise your auto-bid amount. This allows you to keep bidding up to your maximum even if you can't stick around for the final minutes of the auction. You can also go straight to the bidding scree if you've been outbid using the "Bid Now!" button. This saves you precious time when it seems like it's quickly running out! 

We hope this new page makes your life on the DASH Marketplace much easier. Just start bidding and then navigate to the Your Bids page to see all these great changes in action.  

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