DASH in 165 Seconds - New Video Tour Available

March 24th 2013

DASH represents a new tool for collectors. We're all used to online marketplaces, and standalone collection management. We're used to price guides, and we have seen lots of pictures of people's collection and layouts.  DASH is none of these... and ALL of these.

By bringing many of the things collectors need all together, the promise of DASH is to simplify collecting, making it more fun and affordable.

The best way to begin to understand how DASH can help you is to watch the new video tour of the site. In under 3 minutes, you will see how to get started and get a glimpse of some of the key features.

DASH is implementing some major improvements right now, but even now it is the best tool for model train enthusiasts, and we hope you will register and start using DASH today.

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