DASH and M.T.H. Giveaway Winner Announcement

July 28th 2013

Thanks to our new partnership with M.T.H., we've been able to give away an awesome M.T.H. $430 BNSF ES44 Diesel Locomotive. The contest has had an incredible reception, and we just selected the lucky grand prize winner.

The winning railroader was randomly selected from all registered DASH users and overcame the odds to claim his prize in the first-ever DASH Model Trains giveaway. Without further delay, the winner is DASH member:


Upon hearing he'd won, this is what Bob had to say: "I see the real BNSF pumpkin diesels on a regular basis and really appreciate the prize!"

We don't know what kind of layout or collection Engineerbob happens to operate. But one thing is for sure, his collection is on track to become a whole lot cooler when he adds this new M.T.H. BNSF ES44 Diesel Locomotive to it. There's nothing quite like a new M.T.H. train arriving at your door, and we're just happy to give one lucky winner that treasured moment with the help of a random number generator and a little luck.  

Be sure to offer Engineerbob your sincere congratulations with a comment below. And don't lose hope if you didn't win the giveaway this time around! You're still a member of DASH with access to lots of great features to make your hobby easier and more enjoyable, and we might just have a few future contests and giveaways cooked up as well. 


We'll be sure to let you know the next time a free train makes its way around the bend. Just keep an eye right here on DASH Flash, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Above all else, be sure to thank M.T.H. and the M.T.H. Railroaders Club for their generous prize and help in organizing this giveaway. We're honored to have partnered with one of the most storied and highest quality manufacturers in the entire model train industry and can't recommend them enough.  

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  • 5 years, 4 months ago

    Thanks to DASH and MTH for this great prize! I don't have any BNSF engines, but have some freight cars to make a consist so will be able to load it up and try it out! This will be a fantastic addition to my small layout.

    See engineerbob's collection

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