Crazy Trains: The Snow Line

Nov. 5th 2016

The world is full of amazing trains, and some are so absurd, wonderful, and special that they deserve a closer look. It's time for another edition of "Crazy Trains," and this time around we'll see a train that has a very unusual connection to snow! 

In the video below you'll see the Alaska Railroad carrying actual snow in its cars! The annual Iditarod's cermonial start was light on the white gold, and the railroad came to the rescue with freshly delivered snow! 

That's not something you see every day! I'm thrilled that the quick thinkers at Alaska Railroad were able to find a solution to support such an iconic event. Apparently the snow had already filled the cars, so they just linked them up and started heading south free of charge! 


An Alaska Railroad train arrives in Anchorage to deliver seven side-dump rail cars of Fairbanks snow on Thursday morning, March 3, 2016, to enable Iditarod to stage a ceremonial start on Saturday.


That's definitely one of the craziest trains I've ever seen!

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