Closer Look at MTH's Upcoming Trains

Feb. 10th 2014

As much fun as it is to add a new train to your collection, it's almost as enjoyable looking at all the latest products the world's best model train manufacturers are showing off these days. And we've got an incredibly fun closer look at some of MTH's newest offerings. 

If you're in the market for a few new pieces to add to a growing layout, you'll probably see something you like in the unique pieces MTH has recently revealed. I know I'd be happy to add each and every one of them to my own collection! Read the full details and see the new images below.  

MTH's FIRST S Gauge Steel Rebuilt Box Cars

Here are a few images of our first four MTH S Gauge freight Cars. Our first MTH S Gauge freight cars to arrive is the Steel Rebuilt Box Car in Boston & Maine, New York Central, New Haven and the first S Gauge MTH Railroaders Club Car in Baltimore & Ohio road name. Ask your MTH Dealer about getting one of these MTH S Gauge Rebuilt Box Cars today. If you are interested in first S Gauge MTH Railroaders Club check out the listing for 2013 Membership on the MTH Website.

MTH RailKing Metropolitan Transportation Authority R-17 Subway Set

Now arriving at MTH Electric Trains and a MTH Dealer near you the MTH RailKing Metropolitan Transportation Authority R-17 Subway Set. These R-17 Subways from 2013 Volume 2 come in Silver & Blue 30-20182-1 4-Car Subway Set and 30-20182-3 2-Car Add-On Set. The R-17 is also featured for the first time in original Maroon a post catalog color change that was requested by many subway modelers. The Maroon R-17 come in a 4-Car Set 30-20181-1 and a 2-Car Set 30-20181-3. Ask your MTH Dealer about these R-17 Subway Sets today. For more information on these R-17 Subway Sets check out the MTH Website.

2014 European Products

With the opening of the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany MTH is introducing its 2014 line of European Products. Debuting at the show and in the catalog is the first prototype of the Premier O Gauge French Class 141P Mikado Steam Locomotive on page 7. On page 4 and 5 is the all new tooled MTH Premier O Gauge German BR44 and French 150X having seen the O Gauge sample that is in the catalog in person I think it is the most detail MTH Steam Locomotive we have ever built to date. Many Steam Locomotives come to life in O Gauge with their pipe details and articulation and the BR44 and 150X are that type of Steam Locomotive, but I may be bias, when you get the chance check out the images of the sample in the catalog and here on the MTH Electric Trains Facebook page. You will also find the O Gauge E94 Crocodile Electric in German and Austrian paint schemes, new paint schemes for the Modern Kesselwagen on page 15, and MTH first HO European Steam Locomotive the S 3/6 Express pages 28-29 which will be delivered I am told in the first quarter of this year.

These are some great new additions to their product line, and not something you see every day. I think subways are often under-represented among railroading communities, despite being one of the most common forms of rail transport there are. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority R-17 Subway Set is a great way to show your love of the subway car, and a fine looking set to boot. It's also nice to see MTH's European lineup being highlighted, as it features some unique and beautiful pieces. 

You can always keep an eye out for these MTH products and loads more on the DASH Marketplace. I know I'd love to see at least one of them join my fleet sometime soon! 

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