Closer Look at MTH's Premier Line O Gauge EP-5 Electric Locomotive

Dec. 11th 2013

O Gauge railroaders with a love for the Northeast ought to be very excited about MTH's latest product spotlight. It brings the beloved EP-5 "Jets" of the New Haven Railroad back to life in outstanding fashion. 

MTH is bringing the EP-5 back to their Premier Line for the first time in a decade, and it certainly looks better than ever this time around. The New Haven Railroad's sharp red-white-and-black color patterns look gorgeous on the shell, and it's a sight to behold when the train comes to life on the tracks. Check out the details, video, and new photos of the train below.   

Check Out The Details And See It In Action: Premier Line O Gauge EP-5 Electric Locomotive

December 11, 2013 - Spanning a career of over 20 years, EP-5 "Jets" were the prize of the New Haven Railroad. While they always ran in the shadow of the Pennsy's GG-1, EP-5's outperformed their electric counterparts in many ways. With its unparalleled acceleration capabilities, EP-5's were able to keep fast, tight schedules between northeast passenger stops. Their electric systems were much more advanced than those of the GG-1 and ultimately became the standard for electric locomotives in the U.S.

Now returning to the M.T.H. Premier line for the first time in ten years, the EP-5 is sure to be a welcome sight on your O gauge layout. Unlike other 3-rail EP-5's, the M.T.H. Premier version features prototypically detailed 6-wheel die-cast trucks. Riding atop the trucks is a metal chassis and an intricately detailed ABS shell. Operating, motorized metal pantographs and other details make this the best O gauge EP-5 ever produced. Inside the engine, you will find two flywheel-equipped motors and the awesome sounds and features of the Proto-Sound 3.0 Digital Sound and Train Control System.

It's not hard to see how finely-crafter this train is. You can see the intricate details everywhere, and taken as a whole, it really delivers an accurate portrait of a classic Northeastern locomotive. Co,bining its beautiful appearance with all the functionality of MTH's Proto-Sound 3.0 Digital Sound and Train Control System, this train is sure to win over any O Gauge railroader. 

This locomotive is also available in New Haven McGinnis Yellow, New Haven Green, and Penn Central if the sleek black, red, and white look doesn't catch your eye. You can't go wrong with any of the road names or colors available, because each and every one looks impressive. You can keep an eye out for all these trains and other MTH Premier Line products right here on the DASH Marketplace

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