Big at the Boxcar Office: Train Story

Aug. 29th 2015

When you're introduced to most model train layouts, you're left to tell your own stories and explore them in awe. But today's layout video tells a unique and compelling story, transporting you to a better time. Its personal story and nostalgic mood rightfully earn it a place at the "box office". 

Most layout videos provide quick tours to show you all the sights and sounds. Rarely ever do they take you step-by-step through a train's journey, regaling you with an imaginary history, a rich locale, and the people actually living in them. This layout absolutely comes to life through the voice of the narrator, and it's a real treasure. This is a wonderful story, and not just a Toy Story like the classic animated movie, but instead a true Train Story.

Train Story

I can't get enough of this imaginary world and the stories living inside it. Although the camera work isn't perfect and better layouts certainly exist, I've never before felt so engaged and interested in a model world. It transports you to Pennsylvania in the mid '50s, and it's a wonderful trip to take. All the personalities, the places, and the history are rich and realistic. You can tell that the creator poured some real love into his work, and it certainly comes through in this video. 

If you'd like to show off a layout video of your own, it's definitely welcome on you very own Collection Showcase page. Even if it's not as fleshed out as this one, we'll still like it. I promise! You can also share a link to your favorite layout from around the internet in the comments below, because it could show up right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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