Big at the Boxcar Office: Train Runner

Jan. 30th 2014

If you've ever felt transported to another world thanks to a movie, you'll love today's layout video. It will literally take you on a first-person trip through another world, earning its place at the "box office" along the way. 

This layout video will put you inside a model train and let you live its journey as if you were actually on board. You'll not only see the unbelievable sights above the surface, but also be taken into the worlds beneath and behind the beautiful construction. Much like the captivating science fiction film Blade Runner transports you into the seedy underbelly of a new world, then catapults you to its futuristic heights, this layout will take you just as far.

Train Runner

Grandpa Bill's Train Town is an absolute marvel. With each new section of the layout, and this dedicated railroader's home, you're exposed to something new and wonderful. It's a welcome sight to see such a gigantic layout with so much detail and dedication clearly poured into it. And having it presented in such an intimate and personal way makes the trip all the more enjoyable. This is quite simply one of the best layout videos we've ever seen. 

If you have a layout video of your own that you'd like to show off, we would certainly love to see it on your Collection Showcase page. Whether it's as amazing as this one or not, we don't mind. There's an awfully good chance we'll still enjoy it, because we love layouts of all sorts! You should also feel free to share a link to your favorite layout from around the internet in the comments below. It could show up right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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