Big at the Boxcar Office: The Trainfather

July 21st 2013

Some layouts aren't technically perfect or especially realistic, but they have a personality and grittiness that makes them memorable in their own right. This video captures one such layout and deserves the "box office" treatment, so grab your tickets and get ready for another edition of Big at the Boxcar Office.

Some layouts catch your imagination and curiosity because of their personality or often because of the railroaders behind them. In the video featured below, "Collins City" and its operator Carl Dorsch each have a gritty, quiet, and unmistakable sense of story about them. The sights, the sounds, and the sense of awe you'll get from this layout might just remind you of The Godfather, making this a must-see video.

The Trainfather

It's not likely that anyone will be praising "Collins City" for its strict sense of reality or its big sweeping views. But the intimate sense of "city" and the thousands of minute details are sure to be appreciated by any real railroader. It's clear that a deft and caring hand placed each element, and when taken altogether, it comes to life like so few layouts truly do. 

If you have your own personality-filled layout, we'd love to see it featured on your Collection Showcase. We're not the only ones hoping you decide to show it off! And if you've got a favorite model train video that you'd like to see go Big at the Boxcar Office, please leave a link to it in the comments below. 

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  • 5 years, 4 months ago

    This is a great toy train layout with lots of action, real and imagined! A parade with a marching band and the public pool are wonderful spots to soak up the local color. The carnival will take much of the day riding rides and playing games of "skill". This is not the place for rivet counters 'tho it could sway them.

    See ogaugerick's collection

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