Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train Show

June 18th 2015

Saying a layout is the "greatest ever" is one mighty claim, but some layouts are so good they at least deserve to enter that discussion. Today's layout video captures one such masterpiece, earning it a spot at the "box office". 

This long and detailed look at John Muccianti's 30-year effort building his HO layout is a wonderful look into a man's dedication to trains. Much like The Truman Show took a deeper look into reality television and the life of a man living in a world created for him, this layout video also gives us a look into a man and his perfect artificial world. 

The Train Show

Not every single detail in this enormous layout has been perfectly executed, but it's just so expansive and alive that it comes together beautifully as a whole. The cityscapes and skylines are huge, the countrysides are stunning and detailed, and there's always something to see in every square inch of space. You can tell that it's been lovingly planned and shaped over the decades. It's apparent that John is still working to improve and refine his layout every day too!   

If you have a layout video of your own to show off, please post it on your Collection Showcase page. Not every layout can be as big as this one, but we love them all large and small. You're also welcome to share a link to your favorite video from around the web in the comments below. We love finding great new railroading videos, and you never quite know what will show up right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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