Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train King

April 2nd 2015

Of all the incredible train layouts in the United States, Northlandz might be the most famous and beloved among railroaders. Its sheer enormity is a testament to the dedication of its creator, and both that man and his trains are beautifully captured in this video, earning them a spot at the "box office". 

Although this video comes in the form of a commercial endeavor, it's still a touching and visually stunning adventure into the world of Northlandz and the man behind it. Much like the classic animated film The Lion King tells the tale of a king and his kingdom, this short video paints a similar portrait.

The Train King

Bruce Zaccagnino becomes the humble star of this box office ride, and brings us into the world of Northlandz with a sense of love and admiration for the world of railroading. Calling his layout a "wonder of the world" isn't much of an exaggeration. Its gigantic cityscape, rolling country hills, and intricate track system certainly leave onlookers in wonder! Seeing such a tiny world caught on film with the incredible technology of this day and age is a welcome sight, and the results turned out, quite simply, beautiful.  

We'd love for you to show off a layout video of your own on your Collection Showcase page. Not every layout has to be as splendid as this one! And you're always welcome to share a link to your favorite video from around the web too! We love finding new treasures in the world of railroading film, because you never know what will show up right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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