Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train Around the Corner

Dec. 18th 2013

Christmas brings out the railroader in everyone. Trains are pulled out to circle trees, stories of the Polar Express fill our hearts, and we're taken back to a time when the train meant so much. This Christmas layout may not be traditional, but it's full of the spirit of the season and earns its place at the "box office". 

Most Christmas trains and layouts are especially festive. There are glowing lights, heavy-handed decorations, and a rush of Christmas that rarely reflects reality. But today's train tones down the glowing lights, ringing bells, and holiday extras. In its place we're given a real portrait of Christmas in a beautiful European scene, and I can't imagine anything more beautiful. Much like the second-most-popular Jimmy Stewart Christmas tale presented in The Shop Around the Corner, this train will leave your heart full of joy.

The Train Around the Corner

I hope you feel like you've been transported to a gorgeous foreign land where the holiday season is thick in the air and even thicker on the ground. The heavy snows, unbelievable mountain scape, the stunning homes, and little Christmas touches all combine to make this a wonderful treat of a layout. We might not be able to recreate such an intricate scene around our Christmas trees each year, but we can certainly imagine trains rolling through the snowy countryside on a beautiful Christmas day. 

If you've got a Christmas layout of your own, we'd absolute love to see it on your Collection Showcase page. It doesn't have to be as spectacular as this one! I promise we'll still think it's a wonderful tribute to the season. And always feel free to share a link to other layouts you love in the comments below. You never know which one will show up right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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