Big at the Boxcar Office: The Best Trains of Our Lives

Oct. 12th 2013

Despite the thousands of railroaders across the world building layouts of their favorite times and regions, very few focus on the various seasons of the year. As the colors change outside our windows here in the month of October, I like looking to layouts that feature the vibrant colors of reality. This layout does exactly that and earns the "box office" treatment today.

Almost every countryside layout you see will be focused on the bright green summer months. In most cases that's due to convenience and availability in an industry that's biased towards summer designs. But a few railroaders out there dedicate their layouts to their favorite time of year and brighten things up with a swath of wonderful Autumn colors. Like the classic film The Best Years of Our Lives focuses on changing seasons in life, this wonderful German layout gives us a whimsical look into the changing colors of Fall. 

The Best Trains of Our Lives

I love that this layout not only decorates its hillsides with the bright oranges and reds of Fall, it also gives us an intimate look into this beautiful season from the European countryside! The mix of vibrant deciduous trees with towering evergreens gives this landscape a unique and refreshing quality. Between the unique European trains, the colorful landscape, and the fanciful architecture, this is one of the most wonderful layouts I've ever seen. 

Whether or not you're willing to dedicate your layout to a single season out of the year, we'd still love to see it shine on your very own Collection Showcase page. If you're not quite ready to show off your own creation, but have a few other favorite videos around the web, feel free to leave links in the comments below. They might just show up right here on the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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