Big at the Boxcar Office: Once Upon a Train in America

Aug. 17th 2013

Not all model train layouts are designed to look pristine and perfect in every way. This gritty little layout captures the reality of the American rail system, and definitely deserves the "box office" treatment, so get your ticket punched and get ready another edition of Big at the Boxcar Office.

Sometimes a little grit, grime, and realism is the real way to a railroader's heart. If you're a modeler who likes to see the dirt, rust, and reality of the modern day railroad, then you'll love this layout. It brings the bumpy ride and uneven tracks to the layout table with a marvelous final result. You might be reminded of the grit and dark reality of a film like Once Upon a Time in America, and you're sure to enjoy this movie just as much. 

Once Upon a Train in America

I love how much this layout resembles the reality of a railyard. The tracks wrinkle and buckle much like the tried-and-true rails seen all across the country, the trains ache and groan over the rails, and there's a layer of dusty life covering every aspect of the scene. Watching this video feels like strolling over to the closest tracks and taking a gander, which is often hard to accomplish at a smaller scale like N. I'm just in love with this setup.   

If you have a great and gritty layout of your own, we'd love to see it on your Collection Showcase. And for those of you with a favorite model train video from the world wide web, please leave a link in the comments below and it could be featured on the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office

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