Big at the Boxcar Office: My Neighbor Train

May 22nd 2015

The best kind of movies are those which take you on a journey through a land you could never imagine. Today's layout takes a trip through Japan and rightfully earns its place at the "box office" along the way. 

Japan is a country that takes its rail transport incredibly seriously. Their trains are known to be timely, efficient, and ubiquitous. So it's not surprising that Japans hosts one of the most stunning model train layouts I've ever seen. Much like the gorgeous animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, this layout will introduce you to the Japanese countryside in a light-hearted and visually compelling way.

My Neighbor Train

This layout is a balanced and beautiful one. Whether it's running through a sharp Japanese city or winding around the lush countryside, there are tons of details and lively scenes. It even takes a detour to America! You get a real sense of the scale and size of this impressive layout when the camera pans out and it still takes up the entire screen. I'd love to explore this layout in person someday, especially if it means a trip or two on the famed Japanese rail system.  

If you've got your own layout that you'd love to show off, we'd sure love to see it on your Collection Showcase page. It definitely doesn't have to be quite as amazing as this one. I promise we'll still like it! You can also share a link to your favorite layouts from around the web in the comments below. You never know if it might show up right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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