Big at the Boxcar Office: Gone With the Train

Sept. 9th 2013

There are thousands of amateur railroaders building incredible layouts in their own homes, but creating the world's biggest layout takes millions of dollars and thousands more professional hands. And that layout is an absolute splendor to behold, undoubtedly earning the "box office" treatment.

Germany's Miniatur Wunderland is unlike anything else in the entire world. It takes railroading to a marvelous new level of realism, detail, and fun. If you haven't seen earth's biggest model layout, you simply cannot miss the video below. Much like the sweeping epic Gone With the Wind, this classic video will leave you breathless and in wonder.

Gone With the Train

What can I say about this layout that it doesn't already say itself? There are thousands of trains, unbelievably well-maintained running schedules, and more details than you could see in years of careful observation. This video is five great minutes of railroading, but barely even captures a glimpse of the entire show. It just has everything you could ever want in a railroad, and then a little extra too. This alone might be worth a trip to Europe!

Even though none of us will ever build a layout that comes close to the majesty of this one, we'd still love to see your own setup on your Collection Showcase page. And if you have another model train video you'd like to see in the spotlight, just leave a link in the comments below. It could be featured right here on the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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