Big at the Boxcar Office: Back to the Train

July 17th 2015

Model Railroading has been around longer than any of us can remember, and sometimes it's wonderful to step back into a foregone era of the hobby. Today's video takes us to the past and earns its "box office" treatment with a little nostalgia.

Today's layout isn't actually the highlight, but the video itself is the treasure. It's an educational film from the '50s that will take you through a cherished period of model railroading. You'll instantly step back in time thanks to the antique trains and black-and-white look at them. It's much like the time-traveling present in the movie Back to the Future, and today's ride is well worth the trip through time.

Back to the Train

Even through the dusty old film and shaky camera work, you can see how stunning this old layout is. The trains might look quaint to us today, but taken as a whole, this enormous layout still remains impressive some 60 years later. When it's combined with the rich educational voiceover and glimpse into some of the engineering techniques of decades ago, this video truly stands the test of time as a charming look into the hobby's past. 

Whether you're still working on a new layout or you've been improving the same one for 50 years, we'd love to see a video of it on your Collection Showcase page. Even if it's in black-and-white! Feel free to share any of your favorite layout videos from around the web as well, because we're always look for the next great layout to share right here in the next edition of Big at the Boxcar Office!

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